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Skin Whitening Injection

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What is skin whitening injection?

For skin whitening and detoxification using compounded Vitamin C and glutathione medications via intravenous infusion. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is essential for the formation and stabilization of collagen and elastin. Vitamin C also has skin clarifying properties. Glutathione is a natural liver enzyme that the liver needs for breaking down toxins. With succession of treatment, skin whitening injections will make your skin brighter and clearer.
You might also get a secondary effect with energy and immune system boosting from this treatment due to detoxification.

What skin whitening injections do?

These injections results in a whiter skin while removing all kinds of skin blemishes like scars and pigmentation marks. They improve the texture of the skin by making them more supple and moisturized. Overall you will see a better and glowing skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Skin Whitening Injections may solve most if not all your skin related problems.skin-whitening-sian

What exactly is the produre for skin whitening injection treatment?

These injections have glutathione as an active ingredient. Glutathione is a known antioxidant and is popular for its skin whitening property. Vitamin C and gluthione are combined to give an overall lighter skin tone.

What should you do after whitening injection treatment?

Excessive sun explosure will minimize the effects of treatment. As such, it is important to avoid sun explosure and to wear sun block every day for optimal result from this treatment. Asking your doctor to know more information about whitening injection treatment.

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